Our Distinctives

More than just a meeting.

 The Christian Grads Fellowship is more than Christians gathering in community for the sake of gathering. We are missional organizations reaching out to the university community and approaching our academics through the lens of Truth. We assemble on our campuses to encourage each other and impact the academy as thinking and informed followers of Christ. In order to accomplish this goal, we adhere to four central distinctives that define the way we operate.


Throughout Scripture, we find that community is the avenue in which God works. Whether it is the Old Testament Israelites or the New Testament Church, God is at work in the gathering of his followers. While the Fellowship of Christians Grads is not a substitute for regular church involvement, only fellow graduate students understand the pressures of the grad life. The community found in our Fellowships is very specific in nature and designed to address the stresses that accompany graduate school. You will find support, encouragement, and accountability here.

Faith and Academics

Integration is a word you will hear often in our local Fellowships. Our desire is to see all Christian graduate students integrate their faith into their academic pursuits along with all other areas of life. Your research and future profession can become an open door for worship and ministry. As a graduate student, you are blessed with a powerful opportunity to influence the most brilliant minds of our day. In our meetings, you’ll learn how to creatively approach your studies as a place of service.


In an effort to reach beyond the local Fellowships, we plan various outreach events each semester. These events include lectures from well-known professors, time management seminars, and graduate student panels. We have had the privilege of seeing hundreds of students gather at a time to hear powerful apologetic lectures.

Spiritual Formation

In addition to our weekly meetings, we are dedicated to seeing Christian graduate students develop habits that promote growth in their spiritual lives. You’ll learn how to develop a personal Bible study, cultivate a transformational prayer life, and minister to the world around you.