Start a Fellowship

With our presence on over 20 campuses, we are still growing. Our ambitions are high but we need student leaders to take the lead. If you can’t find your college or university on our list contact us and we’ll help walk you through starting a fellowship on your campus.

1 - Begin The Conversation

If you believe there is room for a Fellowship on your campus, then the first step is to call or email us. By partnering with us, we are able to offer financial assistance and coaching as you get started. We can walk you through the process, offer mentorship, help develop a team around you, and provide books and curriculum for your new grad community.

As a leader, you will also be invited to our national Leadership Summit each year where you’ll learn from scholars across the nation and get a chance to network with other student leaders. The task of beginning a new Fellowship is daunting. Don’t attempt it alone!

2 - Become Official

In order to make the most of your efforts, you will need to register as a student organization on your campus. Most colleges and universities require signatures from other students who are interested in getting started.

You will also be asked to submit a constitution, which we can provide. We will also work to find a faculty advisor for your Fellowship, a professor who can mentor you while lending credibility to your new organization.

3 - Hold A Launch Party

Even our biggest Fellowships still host launch parties at the start of each semester. This is a chance to share the vision of your new grad community and grab the attention of other Christian grads. We can help you organize this, provide funds to get started, market the Fellowship, and work with area ministries to back you up.

4 - Meet Regularly

Once you have built your list of contacts, now is the time to book a room on campus and begin meeting regularly. We suggest meeting at least every other week, preferably on a weekly basis. You will be given a menu of curriculum items to choose from. Once you make the decision, we will provide books to your entire group for your discussions.

Ready To Explore Starting A Fellowship?