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Dr George Yancey (Baylor) speaks on the future for black scholars in America!

What are some of the racial issues in academia and how challenging are they to overcome?

Is there a clear direction for increasing diversity in the academy?

What barriers exist for black scholars to complete an advanced degree?

Can we nurture the next generation of young black scholars who should be in grad school?

Join us at Noon (CST) March 28 when Dr George Yancey addresses this topic from his unique perspective.

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Zoom speakers are professors addressing current topics in their field, triggering much needed debate. Artificial intelligence, the February 22 zoom, addresses issues related to grad students and impact of Generative AI. Most young scholars are familiar with AI from using Chat-gpt, a unique grad student resource that can prove a source of research direction. It can also raise issues in the ethics, science and religion debate: can AI become post-human and therefore acquire certain rights.

These are issues that must be addressed by leaders in higher education but calls for a special perspective for Christian grad students who seek to bring their faith into their research.